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Bad :(

Im so confused by the new version of the app... Return to the old version please!

Awful ap

Since the version 10 of your ap, many people complained about the new interface and the few changes deployed. I lost many of my pictures following that update and the vsco support could not even help. Please bring back a better ap, stop being too nerdy/hypster, it doesnt work.

Ever changing UI

I love you VSCO - but build a true relationship with me. Believe in your design and stick to it, instead of changing your UI every 6 months.



Bad, after the update

The App was great, after this update made it worse, it was very heavy, it closes all the time all the time, I can not save the photos with the effect, IT WAS PAST


I cant uninstall this app, it doesnt even appears in my home screen!


I can’t log in with my old account to restore my purchases, “server error” don’t stop showing up.

I cant save

I cant save my work, the app keep closing


Is the best app for photoss!!! BRAZIL HEREEEE!!!


Holy cow! What have you done? This app used to be a must-have app for photographers, but its getting worse and worse with every update. Latest update is absolutely unusable. White background, no grid view for filters, no landscape mode – I dont know what else youre spoiled, thats quite enough. Interface turned to a real crap, you have to have a non-humanoid mind to understand the meaning of the icons. I regret that I spent so much money for the filters I cannot use now. What a shame. I really sorry, but I have to change "like" to "dislike" and stop using this app.

You guys must have been trippin

There goes one of the most wonderfully designed uis and all-in-all one of the most practical apps i ever had the pleasure to use. I do get your idea here but the design decisions you made have ruined the app. this is by far the saddest i have ever experienced with an app update. i will actually and truely miss the old version of the app. And Im really trying not to exaggerate all too much. Sorry :/

Top für Bildbearbeitung

App ist toll für die Bildbearbeitung, die Community ist leider immer noch Undurchsichtig...

Massive problem

When you save to camera roll, aspect ratio gets messed up and the image is stretched all over the width. Iphone 7+ ios 10.2

Updates every Week!?



Where is the niketech bundle???

Usability fail

When does the vsco app get nice again? Everything is ruined with their usability. All my friends have stopped useing it.

From the best editing app to almost worthless for me

Not only is the app super confusing and the user interface got worse and worse with every update recently, it now also doesnt allow you anymore to use old filters which were downloaded years ago and now are not available in the store anymore. Among it there was my favorite filter which I used for years. Basically worthless for me now and Ill start to search for alternatives.


The best app for taking and editing photos !!

New design, again?

VSCOcams design gets worse every time! Just give us the original design back!


..this used to be a nice app - I was never a huge fan of mimicking analog film through filters, but did appreciate the slick design of the profile pages as well as the app. Hard to understand how they managed to make the whole user interface unintuitive and more unintuitive through the last versions. Refuse to put up with this BS any longer.

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