VSCO App Reviews

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iPad users look out.

Ive used the app since day 1. On iPad there was a GREAT UI feature showing a grid of thumbnail previews with filters applied. It was THE REASON to use on the iPad. Is that seriously gone?! Really disappointed. Please bring it back.

Youre getting there

Why did you get rid of sync, yall breaking my heart :( If sync was part of the yearly subscription package I would have signed up for it the second it was released Anyways, my friends and I revoked camera access from the app because it was kind of an annoying feature for it to always be on at the top of the screen. Major battery drainer :/ I wish there was an easier way to organize filters/tools—I understand how it could be hard to program something like that into the app though. Also you shouldnt let corrupted photos be uploaded, they totally prevent you from using th app at all :( Youre almost there vsco

Updating was a huge mistake

Made the huge mistake of updating it because i liked that they changed the sliders. However, for the first time, my entire phone freezes to the point where I cant exit the app and i have to wait for it to respond. I want to reinstall it but I dont want to lose all of my photos.


An island of sincere photography in an ocean of visual pollution


It wont even let me download new filters. It says "purchasing" and then never downloads. I have deleted countless apps and pictures and messages and it still wont work.

Great Job!

This is a fantastic app. I love it, and the filters are great. This is a must- have for all levels of photography and photographers. Have fun! Super tube!

So annoying

the app itself and the editing tools are great the only thing that annoying is saving. i lost all my memory on my phone so my backup didnt have some of the images i edited in my editing space. but i did publish them. however you cant save your own pictures from YOUR profile without screen shotting it which is annoying because you lose the quality within the picture. so now i have no way of getting that edited image into my camera roll without losing its quality even though ITS MY PICTURE

Very satisfied

Great app!! Love the filters

App keeps crashing!

i love this app and have no complaints, but ever since i updated it its been crashing on me as soon i launch the app. please fix this!!


Holy cow! What have you done? This app used to be a must-have app for photographers, but its getting worse and worse with every update. Latest update is absolutely unusable. White background, no grid view for filters, no landscape mode – I dont know what else youre spoiled, thats quite enough. Interface turned to a real crap, you have to have a non-humanoid mind to understand the meaning of the icons. I regret that I spent so much money for the filters I cannot use now. What a shame. I really sorry, but I have to change "like" to "dislike" and stop using this app.

Got rid of landscape mode?!

Now I have to turn my iPad and keyboard on its side to edit. Has taken the physical ease out of editing. Now its archaic like instagram in its orientation. Still my go-to for editing and I love the fact that I can edit the photos and they are still of high resolution.


Best photo editor out there!!! I love this app. Im so obsessed with VSCO!!

Love love love

Best app ever

Best Editing App

Thoughtful, subtle filters. Wonderfully clean and well designed interface. Powerful, intelligent editing tools that arent complex enough for you to bury your time in adjusting but yield really lovely and atmospheric results. VSCO really outshines every other attempt for a photo editing app that doesnt try and mimic computer software and effects. If youre looking for a photoshop substitute, this is not for you. If youre looking to create beautiful photos, look no further.

Love this app but these days....

The app doesnt open, AT ALL! This is the second time it has happened and I had to delete the app and reinstall again (which meant that all of the older photos and settings had to be deleted). I started all over again recently and I have to do it AGAIN! Of course I have tried restarting my phone and looking for a newer version (the current one is the latest one) but it still wont let me open :( The logo at the beginning appears but crashes seconds later. Please fix this bug; this was not fixed in the last few versions, thus still experiencing the same issue.

Not working properly

The app always freezes while editing pics.

Best App but Bring Back Limited Filters

Please bring back the limited filters such as: -ACG -WWF -SE1-3 -KK1-2 -LV1-2 Otherwise its the best photo editing app out there!


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I like the app but when i accidentally republish something and I delete it from my collection I wish it didnt show up on other peoples feed

Keep getting better

Really really awesome app. Works the best on iPhone 7.

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